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About ProSkills Education

ProSkills's GST training helps you to comprehend the basics of GST, important terminologies and concepts, applicability and impact. Through this module, the student will understand GST right from basic theoretical knowledge to practical implications of the regulation on any business.

> GST is expected to create significant job opportunities as the businesses will need to have dedicated GST professional for GST management, Update and reconciliation.
> A Candidate can work independently on return filling, taxation and statutory compliances.
> The GST is very ambitious in setting up Job maximization and has also invited many Global companies as a proposal in foreign direct investment.
Basic of Tax, Taxation Systems in India, Introduction to GST, Rate Comparisons, Applicability of GST, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, Valuation, Tax Invoice, Input Tax Credit Composition, Registrations, GST Returns, Payment Of Tax, Accounting for GST, GST In Tally and much more.

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